kaden's first blog. our first kid. it's an entreprenurial adventure.

Sunday, March 6

bill kung and kaden get to know each other


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great idea starting a blog, although I do foresee future complaints from as of yet unborn younger siblings about how many more posts are on Kaden's blog compared to theirs.

As for this picture, I'm envious that Billy has already met Kaden, and curious about just what he was up to in Boston...


Blogger Nabeel said...

Good point. I think all future sons and daughters will feel that way regardless. At least they will be able to see first hand there were days we thought he was a complete terror as well.

What do you think Bill was doing in Boston? Investigating new world-conquering positions of course.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey McLean/SFAF clan:

No doubt about it, somehow... we lived through our 20's. And somehow, the long nights of computer radiation, vampires, and drinking far too close to fire pits evidently did not affect our ability to have children.

Kaden was the first newborn I've ever held in my arms. My gawd, I was nervous- his head, arms, legs and everything flopping around everywhere! It is such a mind-altering experience to have one of your life long friends have kids.

Nabeel, congratulations on Kaden again!! Cigars all around!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely a wonderful idea. Who needs those boring old pictures when you can capture Kaden's experiences on a blog? (very fashionable) By the way, Tata Majida looks like a natural. I just hope you keep the blog updated. Stay diligent! I started a website for Amin and Karim about six or seven years ago and never got around to posting anything but the initial pics. From what we can tell, Kaden is basking in the spotlight. Being is the first Grandchild to both sets of Grandparents, he will always be the "special" (and spoiled) one.
The DC clan can't wait to see him (and you guys of course!)

Love you all,



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