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Thursday, April 28

Kaden has passed the two month mark, what's he been up to? Well, you may have a decent idea in prose, but there's a new set of photos for your multimedia pleasure.

Just click for a photo montage (it may take a minute or two to load).

also.. added post-facto, a little playtime video

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Blogger Nabeel said...

For those who emailed me wanting to see photos at their own pace, and perhaps order any of them.

here's a link to the photos on Shutterfly

and go easy on the crique, it's amateur photography after all.

Blogger Ert said...

Hm. AVI movie not so much the work on the Macintosh. The polaroid montage looks nice, though. :)

Blogger Nabeel said...

Yeah.. sorry, no Mac format, you'll just have to look at it much slower (and less dramatic) format on Shutterfly from the link above.


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