kaden's first blog. our first kid. it's an entreprenurial adventure.

Wednesday, February 23

Our first new family shot. The Hyatt's, about a half hour into a whole new world.

Kaden. 10 minutes post birth getting his first weigh in. He looks positively adorable, in a kind of "I can unhinge my jaw a wrap it around your head" alien-like way. And that is not viscous tears in his eyes, by the way, that's a shot of vitamin K jelly... or something.

Kaden's first blog.. or, what to do in a world drowning in pictures of our child

I've always compared starting a company to having a kid -- only now I've had a kid -- so it's taken on a little more, ahem, color. If you notice a quirky view on parenting from this blog, it's probably because I'm looking at it a bit through the eyes of the only other things I've had to help grow from scratch. Namely, a handful of companies over the last decade or so.

Anyway, Megan and I naturally share the excitement of most first time parents, especially heightened since it it clear that Kaden is particularly good looking and intelligent. However, it only being two weeks ago I do have a hazy memory of what it was like not to have your child be thought about twenty four hours a day.

So, instead of an avalance of photos to all friends and family about our son Kaden every week, we're going to leave it up to those who are interested to visit here. This will be a little repository of tid-bits and photos of our son as he grows the first year. This way, for those who don't care to get as constant an update as, say, the grandparents, you can simply opt not to come to this address. But if your curious, you can always drop by and see what Kaden has been up to.

You can also email Kaden (although I would not expect a response for seven or eight years) at kadenhyatt (at) gmail.com


start-up dad.

Tuesday, February 22

Kaden happened to show up three weeks early to get a head start on life. So here you can see his room is still in an early state of assembly. This of course set a very early precident that we will be caught off guard regularly, and firmly established who's boss.

Our last photo of Kaden still on the inside. Doesn't he look ready?

Monday, February 21

The parents just happened to visit the weekend before Megan's water broke. Coincidence?

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