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Saturday, March 12

Kaden's feeding schedule - first two weeks

My cousin Maha put it well when she emailed me lately and said, "don't even think about sleeping until the baby is 13 pounds."

(click to zoom)

To get a sense of it, take a look at 3am.


Anonymous Maha said...

Your feeding schedule is insane! It literally is every two hours. I know w/ Danya it was so difficult to get her to eat all at once so each feeding stretched out into the next feeding time. She used the Godsend pacifier too,but every time it fell out we'd have to get up and put it back in. Her bassinet was next to my bed so I'd twist over and give it to her........well I over twisted and pulled my back out. Oh the joys of parenthood. At two months, she got rid of the pacifier by herself, and found her thumb. Not sure how to break her from that habit now. Whatever you do, don't let the baby pull Megan's hair, or it will never stop. Good luck w/ little Kaden. Hope to visit soon.

Maha, your soreheaded cousin


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