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Sunday, November 6

Morning Glory

Kaden spoke this morning! He said "Da-Da" -- and not just once, I got him doing it over and over again. Yes I think this is incredibly cool, even though at this point it is more of a parlor trick than actual recognition of the contributions of his paternal side. For instance, although he does seem to like saying DaDa, it still ranked lower than his affinity to click his tongue.

I sat on the kitchen floor this morning and was saying DaDa, when he made a gurgling sound that had roughly the same rhythm as my oft-repeated phrase. Grabbing hold of that thin evidence of recognition, I of course started bombarding him with the phrase. After the three of four-hundreth try, the drool had effectively left his mouth for it's more familiar place (his shirt) and he let out a little "DaDa" again. Then again, and again. We're in business.

Of course, he has since refused to repeat this feat this afternoon, but that's not surprising. I've noticed that Kaden's abilities to do new things seem to spawn in the morning, and then take a few weeks to work their way to the rest of the day. There was probably two weeks when he first started smiling that he would only do it prior to 10am. I was convinced that this was because he was happily thinking of the fine evening of malevolenty destroying our sleeping habits, but the pattern has emerged with crawling, standing, and will probably be the same with chatting.

I wonder if this says something about how all our brains work in the morning? After we have had some rest (some more than others), and not yet filled with the event after event - maybe that's when we are best suited to learn, react, and be our most creative? Hmm.. maybe the Today Show and reading Metro aren't the best ways to spend the first few hours of the day.


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