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Sunday, August 21

the closet treatment

We just got back from a long weekend in Nantucket with the Shahs and Kristen. Kaden definitely notices other kids now and loved playing with Jack. Of course, at this age playing mostly means the two grabbed at each other while the parents held them just far enough away that no eyes got poked out.

Kaden loved the sand and it was all boding well as a dry-run for our one week vacation in Kill Devil Hills, NC that is coming up soon. However, Kaden decided on the first evening that he would much rather play with his parents, who were clearly in the room, than go to bed. It was a miserable sleepless night in which Megan mercifully told me to go ahead and sleep on the couch at about 3am so one of us could get a few hours.

The next morning there was dread in Start-Up Mom's eyes at the thought of going through this sleepless hell for an entire week while everyone else cheerily enjoyed the waves and sunshine. I was determined to find an answer, and asked for ideas from everyone else (it was fairly obvious we had something going on when they found me on the couch). Jill recommended we do what the Conine's (god I love you Steve and Alexi) did earlier in the week... stick the kid in the closet.

The PackNPlay just barely fit in the closet, the slightly adjar door helping to make Start-up Mom feel like we were not going to be suffocating our child. Sure enough, the added darkness plus inability to see his parents made him sleep just fine. Whew.

If you're curious there are some photos of Nantucket here:

- Slideshow of Kaden-only photos from Nantucket
- Slideshow of Best of everyone from Nantucket


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Monitoring sleep patterns? I still prefer my approach to accommodating newborns. It's called the couch approach -- which I see you used on your latest outing. After three boys, I thought I finally got my side of the bed back but Fad decides to have another boy! So I guess it's four more years on the couch for me. Zakaria has already staked a claim on being next to his Mom. I've found that while he can easily be put to sleep, the moment you move him to the crib, the crying starts. It's as if he has this constant need to be next to his Mom (or should we say food source). At one month, how often was Kaden asleep? Zak seems to sleep most of the day and then decides to stay up during the oddest hours. Perhaps, a visit from the Brazilian sleep expert is what is needed.

By the way, we saw Deena yesterday. Besides the after effects of oral surgery, she looks great. So Aunt Deena is on her way to Boston to see Kaden. Exciting!!!

Regards to Megan and a big kiss to Kaden.

Yaz (still on the couch)


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