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Friday, August 26

and he's off!

Kaden has started moving a lot lately. At first I suspected teleportation because I could not for the life of me see him move. And besides he often looks like he is concentrating deeply on something. I would put him down and go get a drink, or grab a sweater, or run around naked or whatever - and I would come back moments later to find him off his playmat and across the room under the computer desk grabbing at wires. The first time I found this out he had gotten on the other side of the day bed, so that when I walked in I couldn't see him at all. So I walk into what looks like an empty room thinking "he couldn't move, and now he's moved out."

But now Megan and I have seen it. It's kind of a pre-crawl that amazes me at his strength. He basically drags himself across the floor with his now well-toned arms like a (very cute) wounded soldier in some old WWII movie. I think it most reseambles... well... slithering.

Also, we just had a recent visit from Kaden's grandmother and aunt. Kaden got to walk a lot, and there was much smiling. Pictures up on Flickr.


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