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Sunday, December 11

I guess I had it coming to me, not being nervous at all about having my first weekend alone with Kaden. I was practically pushing Megan out the door to enjoy her weekend with Jenny in New York and not worry. I mean, I'm a modern Dad and all.. I've spent plenty of time with Kaden and done everything there is to do. Of course, I hadn't done it all one after another, but that's just timing. A mere formality.

So Megan leaves in the early morning and Kaden lulls me into a false sense of security by being all laughing and happy... then I try and put him down for his nap. Suddenly it's screaming, crying, crazy cujo Kaden for 45 miserably long minutes. I thought he was never going to go to sleep.

Then he wakes up and, sorry folks but this blog is about baby's, he craps the biggest crap you've ever seen. He must have channeled his inner horse because it's one of those out the diaper, down the pants, onto the sheets, covering his SHOES kind of crap.

So now I've got a crap covered baby who is full of energy and ready to play after his nap. As you can imagine, changing him is a writhing, squirming, total mess. On top of that I seem to have forgotten how the washing machine works because it has two identical detergent bins and I have no idea which is which. Finally, after reading the manual to the washing machine and going through a half-case of baby wipes in vain, Kaden and his now crap-covered father took a bath.

And that was about 10:30am.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

After four sons, I have one rule with Fadwa. I can take care of them once they hit 2 years old. I learned my lesson many years ago. You had me in tears (of laughter) about the diaper incident. I had the same experience with Amin some twelve years ago - except I used an entire box of wet ones. What is it about the moment a Mother walks out the door, babies suddenly decide it's time to make Papa pay dearly? (lol)

Regards to Megan and Kaden,


Blogger Nabeel said...

Twelve years!? Amazing how quickly time passes. I imagine I will blink and be staring at a twelve-year old myself.

Thankfully Kaden was a joy the rest of the weekend and we had a great time. I didn't include that because, well, it's not as funny. But once he had established who had the power to inflict chaos, we actually had a really good time.

Anonymous Samantha said...

Annie once had an exciting diaper incident while lounging on MY bed- it went thru every layer of bedding up to and including the mattress pad. Ah, parenthood.


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