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Tuesday, February 7

Filled with Wonder

Congrats to our friends Allen and Elaine, who just did the "baby is eminent" post on their blog to announce they are having a kid. Nothing to put a smile on your face like waking up in the morning, firing up your laptop, and seeing an ultrasound of your friends' tummy. I look forward to the excited, harried, tired, frustrated, and jubilant blog posts that are sure to follow.

Since Allen is such a music fan, I know he (and anyone else reading) will enjoy a funny article in the NY Times Magazine a few weeks ago, the Preschool of Rock. It struck a certain chord because Kaden has become completely music obsessed.

Kaden started dancing pretty early. We'd play something with a beat and he would shift his shoulders back and forth as he wobbled his head from side to side smiling broadly. I'm glad I caught it on my cameraphone before he stopped doing it because it was adorable. He looked like he had been possessed by Stevie Wonder.

(no that is not him protesting his Gitmo-like treatment behind the kid-prison. yes that is actually him happily dancing even though you can't hear the music.)

Then a few weeks after he learned to walk he started using his legs to dance, doing the patented "leg press" baby jig. It's just the cutest thing when he walks over to the CD player, stares up at it like he's praying to the god of happy butt-shaking, and begins to stomp his legs and move his body up and down.

If anyone has suggestions, I'm looking to expand his musical experience very soon as we've worn through my patience with the 3-4 good CDs he has now (Schoolhouse Rock, Danny Zane, Squirrel Nut Zippers).

His addiction has gotten so bad that this morning after I had finished the morning wrestling match to get him dressed he immediately pops up all agitated. He's yelling angrily and waving franctically and I'm trying to figure out if I accidentally buttoned a body part improperly. Then it clicks that he's waving at the CD player.

"you want music?"

and he smiles.


Blogger Allen A. Fawcett said...

Thanks Nabeel, Elaine and I are pretty excited about the baby (and trying to savor our last few months of sleep). Loved the video of Kaden dancing, if you're looking for more good cd's for him, the kids all love They Might Be Giants, I bet Flood or Apollo 18 would go over well.


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