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Saturday, March 12

For those not yet with children, let me briefly sum up every single book and DVD on how to soothe a newborn and make him happy.

1) Recreate the womb.

Yup, that's it. Kaden spent 36.5 weeks in the womb, and has 2 weeks outside (roughly 5.5%). My guess is that for at least his first nine months he will be enthralled with anything that reminds him of what it was like in the wonderful beginnings. Case in point, does Kaden look uncomfortable in this strange sling below? Well he isn't, he actually falls asleep in approximately three seconds every time I put him in it becuase it curls him up (like the womb), he can hear my speaking through my chest (like the womb), and it holds him tight to my body movements (like.. well, you get it).


Blogger Nabeel said...

Ert at work pointed out that just like pacifiers extending into the second and third year, this knowledge of "womb recreation" will also extend into later and later years.

Imagine a five year old entering Kindergarten in a bubble boy outfit that recreates the sounds and feeling of the womb. And it's a common enough occurance that all the other parents simply shake their head and say, "those parents are just spoiling that child."

Blogger Yazen said...

Womb recreation. A logical and obvious concept that none of your elder cousins implemented. I'm glad you've taken a scientific approach to getting Kaden to sleep. Fadwa and I used the "basement approach". Amin was placed on my side of the bed and I was banished to the basement.


Blogger Nabeel said...

Ah yes. We have a day bed in the baby's room which is actually quite comfortable. :)


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