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Friday, June 3

does that mean he's the chosen one?

An interesting phenomena is that Start-Up Mom's milk comes in on the same schedule as Kaden eats, so even if we are not near the little bugger we know when he's hungry because she feels it.

Yesterday we saw our first full length motion picture in the theatre, Star Wars Episode III (finally a good Star Wars, that would have been even better if they limited dialogue to the animated characters only - R2D2 carried the picture).

Anyway, watching the movie was a nice little miny escape from parenting, but we hightail it out of there afterwards to get back in time for Kaden to eat. As we're hoping in the car I mention that I forgot about the whole parenting thing for almost the entire movie. My baby-free escape was going great up until the last ten minutes of the film I was suddenly staring at 20 foot high newborn Jedi's cooing at me. So I'm telling Megan about the breaking of the baby-spell with mini-Jedi's and she concurs by saying, "yeah, they made my boobs hurt."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must concur, Star Wars III was far better than the previous two. As for Kaden, being the first Grandchild on both sides automatically makes him the "chosen one." Just make sure Megan continues to "feel" his Jedi powers during feeding time. Otherwise, your night may turn into the darkside. Darth Amin kept us up many a night when his feeding schedule was disrupted.

Fad and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all three of you on Thursday for dinner. Kaden was an absolute darling and so well behaved in the restaurant. Kudos to both of you for maintaining a disciplined routine for Kaden while juggling a hectic social schedule in DC. Other than the atrocious dessert I ordered, it was a great evening! (By the way, I love the pic of Kaden with Fad, what type of camera are you using?)

A big hug and kiss to Kaden from Fad and the boys.


Blogger Nabeel said...

He certainly felt like the chosen one with all the wonderful love and attention from friends and family this week.

Kaden showed some impressive skills in being perfectly comfortable in dozens of surroundings and being heavily handled, it must just be that it was the right type of company. I think he's going to go through withdrawal as I don't know how we're going to keep him that entertained in the coming week.

Photos were taken by a Panasonic Lumix Fx7. I have had Canon's for years but switched because of this particular camera, it has a really wonderful high-end Leica lens but still fits in your pocket. I recommend.


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