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Sunday, May 22

Gandhi he is not

"Hi dad, take me to mom I'm hungry."

"No mommy, hmm... Hey, what's that!? You think that looks like a boob? I am so not taking that stinking bottle. No way is that a boob. Does mom know what your doing? "

(20 minutes later, gasping and crying, rapidly being bopped up and down, shower running)

"So.. hungry.. running.. out of.. hollering.. energy. Mom is so gonna get you for this."

"Okay okay. Let me catch my breath while I drink for a second, then I'll really let you have it."

He barely ate, but 2 oz the first day is a nice early victory.


Anonymous Ellen A said...

Hiya from another Trixitracker - our daughter did the same bottle-refusal thing when I went back to work at 3 months. It took her and my husband a few weeks of occasional bad days to get it worked out, but she did eventually take the bottle willingly. Good luck with it!

Blogger Nabeel said...

A fellow imposer of the bottle, great!

Any advice would be great.

Anonymous marc a said...

My advice, 1) patience (it is one of the most frustrating feelings ever; thinking that they are hungry and not taking the bottle when they are screaming) and 2) accepting that sometimes they don't want the bottle (my first reaction was to give Lucy the bottle but i soon learned that she has to be hungry to take it.)


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