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Wednesday, June 1

the largest vacuum cleaner in the world

Like many babies, Kaden takes well to vacuum cleaners, shower sounds, dryers, and just about any incredibly loud consistant sound. So I have no idea what I was nervous about putting him on a plane from Boston to DC to visit the folks. Sitting outside his window was his own personal massive noise machine. All went well, and he's even operated well in the uber-social environment of tons of relatives and friends the last couple days (photos here).

So, on the positive side - he's into people, he adapted after a day to his new sleeping environments, and the travelling was pretty simple. On the bad side, he just absolutely refused to take a bottle even after days of trying many things. So Megan needs to stick nearby and our non-baby time is limited to 2-4 hour streches. That's really not a big deal for us, but I'm sensing the grandparents wouldn't mind getting rid of us for longer so they can have him all to themselves.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a beautiful baby boy! The entire family in DC was absolutely thrilled to finally meet our beloved Kaden. I can't imagine what he was thinking -- being passed around from one Aunt/Cousin to the next. Fresh faces galore! But he was a true champ that day. One of the perks of a large family is plenty of affection and love (and lots of b-day gifts).




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