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Wednesday, May 25

Still no luck on the bottle, and his little body has quickly adapted to our tactics. He's adapting so quickly it's like he would grow gills if we threw him in the water.

We are skipping feedings and trying to make him drink from the bottle instead. He adapted by tanking up at his late night (2-3am) feedings, spending over a half-hour nursing so he could make it through the early morning starve-off.

I'd try skipping two feedings, but I'm worried he would adapt by growing a milk-storage hump.

Despite this, overall Kaden is great. Two subtle changes in our behavior with him seem to have had dramatic affects on his behavior. Either that or he was getting a little paranoid we might give him back.

The two things we've done:
a) Make sure he's tanked up and rested before playing. This is also called the "sleep, feed, play" cycle. It makes sure he's got the energy to play, and the play helps work out gas from eating. It does mean you can't nurse him to sleep, which is such a nice crutch, but we've instead resorted to plenty of other napping apparati (the great nap experiment results will be coming soon).

b) Keep him awake only as long as his last nap. If his last nap was for an hour, play with him for an hour and try putting him back for a nap. I noticed he started trending toward this as I charted sleep cycles (yes I am crazy enough to have been sampling his sleep cycles, and MAN was it worth it). It works well to ensure he doesn't get overtired.

(Note: all rules are suspended between 5-8pm when he is in ballistic Cujo mode, still no cure for that)

our continuing valiant effort at bottle feeding


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Bill, Megan and Kaden! I hear you're coming back to our 'hood in the VERY near future. Rich, Alex and I wanted to know if there's any gear or other accoutrements that you don't want to travel with that we could loan you... 'cause gear we've got out the wazoo...

On a different note, Mary Beth just passed your blog address on to me so I haven't had much of a chance to explore around yet, but it looks like the family are happy and healthy and doing well - congrats! I hope we run into each other at least briefly this weekend (ironically, I'm going to Boston) but if not, have a great time here.

Drop me a note at kstr111 at yahoo dot com if there's ANYTHING AT ALL (seriously - take me up on it) that we can loan you.

Take care!


Blogger Nabeel said...

I think my mother is creating the noah's ark of baby gear down in DC for our trip next week, she's got two Pack'N'Play's (downstairs and upstairs) and two of who knows what else.

So my guess is we are set, but I'll certainly send up a flare if something comes up.

A week should give us time to get Kaden plenty of facetime with friends and family, see you then.


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