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Friday, May 6

It's only a little bit of disease

I tried to explain to Kaden that the two shots of antigenic components from an infectious organism he was given were just trying to help. He would hear none of that.

Kaden summarily got even by creating a mess of the rest of the day. He (you can follow along clockwise from the bottom right of the adjoining photo); peed so much it soaked all the way through him AND through Megan's pants, puked so much it drenched my entire shirt and his second outfit of the hour, then made me spill powdered mac 'n cheese all over the myself.

Okay.. I'll take a little responsibility for my own instant meal mishaps.

And do you notice how satisfied he looks with puking so well? And I mean it was a serious excorcist like puke. I'm thinking his head is going to start rotating and instead he just smirks at me. He's got no problem smirking at at his father drenched in puke. But how about when I'm trying to get him smiling for mommy by dancing like a monkey? Stonefaced.

I think I heard him taunt me a little while I was changing my second shirt of the day.


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