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Monday, February 20

we don't need no stinkin press clippings

So, apparently CBS News has graced this dear blog with its presence. They've taken note of this here blog and not surprisingly do not find it up to the standards of CBS News.

Some fathers publicize their baby'’s latest party tricks. "Kaden now waves, claps, knows to back himself down stairs, and, get this, he WALKS," Start-Up Dad blogs. "He's tromping all around the house falling and getting back up and falling again." I'm hoping his audience is mostly family members.

Duh, it IS for family members and friends.. it's a BLOG. Although the mainstream press has been jumping on the blog bandwagon, they still don't seem to get the idea of the personal publishing revolution. I'm not even going to address their lack of understanding of sarcasm.

In other more relevant press news, Daddy Types covers our friend Allen's great video of him breaking the news of a baby coming before his Mom can get to the blog to read about it.

(CBS News, via Daddy Types, who does a better job summing up this article than I did)

For more on CBS News, you can see their ridiculous attempt at a blog. Where they try to reach the masses by posting by posting tidbit news not worthy of broadcast.


Anonymous Chris P said...

The funny thing is that your blog, which is for friends and family, reads better and is more entertaining than the dry, pointless article that is supposedly fit for mass consumption. I actually got so bored I stopped reading it and just scanned for the reference to Start-Up Dad. :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm, so should i not continue to read now?

- Jon
- Daddy Detective
- www.daddydetective.com

Blogger Nabeel said...

If you're enjoying yourself, your welcome to read and comment of course. I've made several new friends through the blog. (www.morediapers.com for instance)

Blogger Rich said...

Hello! Thank god for CBS! And in the same tone I also say screw 'em. I found your blog through CBS and am happy I did. I just finished reading all of your post and loved all of them. I hope you dont mind me commenting here, 'cuz i'm not family or friend. I love your blog!! I love the photos, the charts, and the vids. Thank you for writing this stuff down. My wife and I are expecting our first baby August 17th. YOur blog has made me even more excited for the big day to arrive! Thanks again!


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