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Tuesday, March 15

Brief history of the pacifier

fill me!

Megan and I started out trying to not use a pacifier with Kaden. Visions of Kaden crying when his first grade teacher tried to take out his pacifier out made us shy away from using one. I admit, chances are slim this would occur, but we just figured no pacifier - no problem.

That lasted about a week before we caved. Second only to his desire to be still in the womb was his desire to suck 24 hours a day. So we used the pacifier, but tried to sparingly. It was wonderful.

Then, somewhere late last week his quickly evolving brain decided it knew the difference between a pacfier and a nipple, and clearly had a favorite. Pacifier is out. And now he hasn't slept in two nights because he's got a stuffy nose, and all I can do is try and coax him into please taking the pacifier and going to sleep.

So, a brief review:
1) nah, we'd rather not use it
2) okay okay... I guess a little can't hurt
3) more more more

I have a feeling a lot of things are going to exhibit this pattern.


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