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Saturday, April 23

Like a fine wine

A quick biology lesson (without getting too graphic), despite him still being on an exclusively milk diet, let's just be clear that it is obvious that the smell of poops and farts is directly proportional to the period allowed for fermentation.

Part of the fussiness recently is that his digestive system is going through yet another transformation. Roughly two months ago his system switched from taking nutrients in utero from mom to having to actually digest food. Now he's decided that he wants to suck every last nutrient out of his food. So instead of his digestive system working through every two hours it is....well, we weren't really sure what digestive schedule he had moved to. Once a day? nope... every other day? nope... by the third day we gave up worrying. We just kept changing diapers for days, the tension building (figuratively.. or perhaps literally, I'm not sure exactly how it works in there).

We were happy to find out finally today that he did indeed not forget how to digest milk. We are unhappy that this generated a new record in terms of laundry.


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