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Tuesday, April 19

This here's a jam for all the fellas

Metrodad reminded me to discuss music. Without further ado, the songs currently being sung to our child:
- sweet child of mine
- bust a move
- she talks to angels
- blister in the sun
- itsy bitsy spider

I have also tried Superfreak several times, but for some reason Kaden is not down with the funk just yet.

These are the songs I sing mostly because I can't remember the lyrics to any baby songs, and those happen to be the (incredibly cheesy) songs I can remember the lyrics to. Kaden doesn't mind that he doesn't get proper baby songs, he likes pretty much any singing as long as it uses high notes. That means Axel Rose tunes are perfect, and for songs like She Talks to Angels I need to move things up an octave or two. Based on last week's music listening, I'm pretty sure next weeks featured acapella is going to be Fiona Apple's Not About Love.


Blogger pgandhi said...

I heard from friends who had a baby about 2 years ago that their kid slept peacefully when she listened to Motzart. This, I have to admit, certinaly sounds much more fun than listening to Motzart!

We've been playing music ranging from classical to hard-core, back alley Puerto Rican Salsa to Alisha inutero and she seems to exhibit much more activity with the Salsa.

Based on your recent findings it seems like I may have to dig out the old Guns'n Roses CDs. I'll let you know how it worked out in a few weeks.


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