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Monday, April 18

Sleeping babies aren't a conspiracy? Honestly, I'm a little dissapointed.

I've always heard other parents tell fantastical tales of how babies sleep all the time once they are past 8-10 weeks old. Even as I kept repeating these stories of babies sleeping 10 (no 11!!) hours to Megan, I began to suspect they were all just a ruse. That, in fact, all babies are horrificly awake all the time.

I began to believe that perhaps these other bright and shiny parents knew that we had such a murderous journey ahead of us, and had staged the release of information. The only way to make it through was to create some false hope that it would all be done in a few weeks. We would hit our eighth week, hope getting us to what we believed was the edge of relief, and we would be brought into some dark room with yuppies wearing matching black logo'ed jumpsuits with hoods who would then tell us that, yes indeed, newborns never sleep more than a few hours. Ever. (or at least until preschool)

But, thankfully, it seems that Kaden has turned a corner. He's asleep on my stomach now, and was asleep most of this afternoon as we tooled around Brookline getting ice scream and watching the Boston Marathon go by. (Kaden did get angry at the cheering people who were being incredibly rude during his nap time)

We've gone out the last three nights and he behaved wonderfully. He has actually slept more than four hours in a row for three consecutive nights (I can't believe I'm saying four hours like it's a trip to Sardegna). Coming back this afternoon Megan remarked that she was just beginning to feel human again.

It feels a little like we just got out of boot camp.


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