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Sunday, April 17

You lasted five straight hours!?

Kaden has a newfound stamina.

Friday night we had dinner at a friend's house, and some combination of events led to Kaden sleeping for a full five hours that night. I mean dead asleep.. He was out and not a peep. My body was so accustomed to waking in 2-3 hour segments I still kept waking up. I would lean over, ensure that Kaden had not stopped breathing (or snuck out of the house with his stroller to go crusin' for chicks) and then I'd happily go right back to bed.

It was incredible. But, much like in business, what actually caused this glorious event is open to interpretation. So, I attempted to capture the basic set of parameters (click to zoom) for analysis and later reflection.

I'm convinced should we enact the same evening we will again speak to Kaden's subconscious "wavelength 'o peace" and he will be in a slumber for most of the evening. But, how many of these elements are critical?

Was it:
a) The ride there and back in the Volvo SUV, which he seemed to quite enjoy
b) The several hours of stimulation by friends carrying him, showing him a new home, and listening to lively banter just before bed?
c) That his parents were so relaxed at bed time, having had a fine dinner and a couple glasses of wine. Note: before I get a call from the feds on the chart below, the "Milk intake" is Kaden, and "Wine intake" is my own.

Perhaps we will figure out the reasons in the next couple of days. I think the charts prove the key to his happiness is that I need a glass a wine after dinner. Megan (aka Start-up Mom) says it clearly states that we need a Volvo.


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