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Monday, May 2

As long as you say something both smart and funny then it'll be fine.

Sometimes people actually find out about this blog. And when they do, it's an immediate reaction of either excitement that they have a new channel with which to peak into the world of a friend, or complete dismay at why anyone would spend time hurling personal anecdotes for anyone to read.

Daddy Zine wrote a great piece that sums up why people do parenting blogs. He talks about what drives the desire to write on parenting, along with the hazards of taking some of the adventures and making light of it. Namely, that people mix up a story with a hapless but funny outcome as what the parent actually intended to have happen.. instead of, you know, just laughing).

I'm sitting here at the end of a couple of decades of social change, where...we hit our mid-thirties before we have our first kids...and do not have extended families around to help us raise our kids? So when I began as a parent, I felt a little isolated and uncomfortable with these feelings of isolation? And so maybe I bang these entries out in the twenty minutes or half-hour I have before I go to bed -- in part to remind myself of where I have been, and in part to find others who might express some recognition of a common experience.


Blogger Nabeel said...

If you want to read the original NY Times piece Mommy (and Me) that generated all this, try this link


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