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Friday, May 6

Night & Day, a mixed blessing

Babies are not born with any real knowledge of night and day. In fact, Kaden had quite the opposite tendency early on. Apparently our bat-like child was born with the oh so convenient instinct that a dark, quiet place (like say, a bedroom at 11pm) is the place to be the most awake of the day. His eyes would pop open and he'd gaze around the dark room. Meanwhile, all day he's collapsed and sleeping.

We heeded the advice of other parents, and our quickly depleting sleep resources, and really tried to teach him the difference between night and day (co-sleeping for a week around six weeks of age really did it).

The good news: he pretty much conks out around 8:30pm and won't wake up until somewhere between 12am-2am. He gets what night is.

The bad news: unfortunately he also gets daytime. I'm not sure what he thinkgs it is for, but it's clearly not for sleeping. It's for meeting with friends, drinking coffee, starting companies.. at least that what I think I hear him asking for between the screaming.

So he's jacked up on daylight, not sleeping at all, which makes him cranky and horrid. If anyone can figure out how to make this kid sleep during the day, throw it out there. We'll try something new every day and call it The Great Nap Experiment.

And yes, this complaining will certainly be picked up by Kaden and cause him to get back at us by not sleeping at night either. (update: it's 11pm and he's woken up twice..I'm so not surprised)


Blogger Christine said...

You might try slinging him in the day for naptimes (I'm a mom of three and foster mom to newborns - the newbies tend to LOVE napping in the sling once I can walk/bounce them to sleep). It's very close and cozy for them. Even older babies will adapt to a sling.

My favorite is the New Native Baby Carrier. The cheapest I've found is at www.mommysupplies.com.


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