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Saturday, April 30

What animal do you want to be when you grow up?

Week six was simultaneously the week that I nicknamed him Cujo, the week he began to see things across the room, and looking at the chart below, the week Kaden took a break from growing.

Concidence that all these events happend in the same week?

Let's review, using illustrative animals as examples of the newborn stages (just trying to get into the parenting groove):

week 1 - Panda - serene and either sleeping or nursing, which is autopilot every two hours

week 2-5 - Ostrich - still sleepy, but now seems to realize every now and then that he's awake and in this world, and he's usually not happy about it. Not really comfortable in his skin and sometimes just needs to cry. Nursing for him is a recongizable, and comforting event.

week six - Cujo - Suddenly able to track things across the room, Kaden starts to really get interested in the world around him. Unfortunately this led to many partial feedings where he got interested in other things. Kaden would pop open his eyes mid-feeding and scream, batting his hands and shaking his head wildly trying to intimidate the boob in front of him so it would move.

Thankfully this largely subsided in weeks 7-8, and he started sleeping more and acting like a normally fussy baby again. However, his alter-ego Cujo does rear its ugly head every now and then. We've found we now need to force him to take naps, and if we do, we get a slightly less ferocious baby come the witching hour of 6-8pm.


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