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Sunday, June 5

Well if the post on Kaden leaning left led us to buy a Che onesie then maybe we should be out purchasing some Star Wars onesie's based on Megan's feeling of the "force" the other day.

What's that? Think Star Wars baby attire might be too cute and not hip enough? Thankfully, Modern Day Dad tracked down some so-trendy-it's-silly Star Wars baby stuff from the so-trendy-it's-silly store, Hot Topic. I think I'm leaning towards either the Darth Vadar-themed "who's your daddy?" or, based on how much he's been trying to stand and cycle his feet lately, perhaps the stormtrooper.

We could do a "revolutionaries" series with Che, Mao, and Luke Skywalker. Big board points to someone who can find a Mao onesie.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Find Chairman Mao here:


I LOVE cafepress... you name it, they've got it.

Katie S.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kaden looks like a natural revolutionary decked out in his Che outfit! Luv the pic.



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