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Tuesday, July 12

out of my way I'm sleeping

We've got confirmation from a nurse (she's qualified for this kind of stuff) Kaden is likely teething! Score one for Joey and the first time parents. Although the nurse did warn it will probably be a month of pain before we actually see teeth (yipee!), this explains why his previous wonderful sleep habits have disolved.

Kaden has been in our bed the last two nights and it's getting better slowly but surely. I'm quite enjoying being socked in the face by a fleshy little fist instead of screamed at from across the apartment. Ah, but I hear intrepid readers asking, how is he hitting me from beneath his mummifing wraps? Well he's unswaddled now and exposed to the world, flailing like a beached octopus. All of my relatives and friends of the previous generation can now rejoice that the horror of wrapping our child has ceased. Kaden seems happy about it, although he has absolutely no idea what to do about some fleshy thing that keeps hitting him in the face when he's sleeping.

I know how he feels.


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