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Sunday, June 19

a present for dad

There's not a lot a three month old can give his dad for Father's Day. Kaden can grasp things, sure, but he doesn't yet have the motor control to "offer" them to someone. He doesn't really own much anyway. But today Kaden did indeed find a way to give me somethin.

Kaden was born with the instinct to get one thing, milk, and he very quickly developed the instinct to give it back again. So Kaden is hanging above my head playing airplane when he realizes this is his time to strike. He's smiling and shaking. And I'm smiling as I lock into his bright eyes (just as he planned). We're just having a grand old time and POW - spit-up and gravity did their thing right into start-up dad's mouth. His timing was perfect, like a mother bird feeding her kids.

I won't even bother explaining the taste, you can imagine. I must admit being slightly curious about the taste of breast milk, but not quite this way. Happy dad's day everyone, may your child give you something better than regurgitated breast milk.


Blogger Sharon said...

Happy Father's Day. Reading this post brought back some memories of when my boys were that small :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dearest Nabeel,

Happy 1st Father's day. We are all so proud of you and Megan. As the years pass, Kaden's "milk gifts" will slowly evolve into homemade Father's day cards more precious than a Monet. With three boys, I have a box full of them and they still touch me (the sentimental schmuck I am). Being a Father is truly a blessing.

Luv you all,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're the best start-up dad ever because you're a fantastic writer. soon when you're on TV shows and they have that little explanation subtitle it will not only say: "entrepreneur / computer guru" it will say "start-up dad / blogger"

love love Deena

p.s. can't wait to see Kaden!


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