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Wednesday, July 6

Kaden storms the beach

Kaden's first trip to the beach went well, as long as we kept him off the sand, out of the sun, and away from the waves. Seriously, Kaden clearly could not fathom why people flock to a place that makes you hot, sticky, and lathered in sunscreen so thick it might as well be crazy glue. After all he's already got a massive noise machine at home (aka A/C) so what does he need the waves for?

But as long as we kept him not hot or sandy he was very entertained by all the people and had a great time. He thoroughly enjoyed playing with his Uncles, Grandparents, Jenny, Lewis, and even cast a few curious glances at the Guthridge's dog Maggie. For her part, Maggie was immediately protective of Kaden, slept outside his room, and seemed eager to help every time he was fussy. There was plenty of hands to play with Kaden, so Megan and I got to relax a little. Although there was a price to pay for that relaxation, it lead to us slipping on the nap schedule and therefore the sleep nazi arose. Which meant in the end it was a somewhat bleary eyed, but wonderful time, for us.

Photos from the trip here
. Or if you are pressed for time, just view the shots from Kaden's first swim, they came out quite well.


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