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Monday, June 13

and now for something completely different

This medium makes for an excellent place to vent, but that may lead to a skewed view of how things are going. Ranting just comes off better (not to mention more naturally for me) in writing. It just does. So to be clear, things are going fine. There is no need to call the cops (or social services, or nanny 911 or whoever you call in these situations).

So to try and tip the scales a little back to normal, I present:

Kaden likes...
  • trying to roll over (that's new as of today!)
  • holding things, like plastic rings
  • immediately thrusting those things in his mouth
  • drooling (seriously, it's raining drool, I wish the NBA would send over some of those floor wipers 'cause we've got pooling over here)
  • air conditioning
  • bright lights
  • white noise
  • ceiling fans (like a husband watching football while his scantily clad wife tries to get him to pay attention, I can not for the life of me get Kaden to play if there is a fan nearby)
  • standing, and standing and standing
  • smiling in his sleep (everybody now.. awww)
  • smiling in the morning
  • smiling at new people who talk to him
  • standing
  • napping in the Cradle Swing (the tackiest, most tricked out, hugest monstrosity of a battery-powered blessing you could ever get - great review here, 2)
  • and of course, being sung to (especially high tones, and especially bad music).


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