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Thursday, March 2

What could possibly be poignant enough for his first birthday.

For those keeping track of Kaden via the age tracker, you'll notice that Kaden turned one years old last week. You wouldn't have known from the blog because I fell down on the job of even posting about it. This is not for lack of trying, I've just found it hard to find the right thing to say.

I started this blog with the idea of keeping it through his first year, cataloging the early "shock and awe" of having a first kid. Originally, this was supposed to be the farewell post for the blog. A nice reflective look back at the year + 9 months and a closing of a chapter.

But I've found this blog to be really helpful. It has helped me take the time to reflect a bit on what has happened that day/week/month, to stay in touch with some friends that normally would have become more disconnected, and even to get some helpful feedback and advice from others.

So, the grand farewell is not to be, we'll push on and I hope you'll continue to listen in now and then. Thanks everyone.

In the meantime, enjoy some photos from his birthday. Both sets of grandparents flew up, and we have some wonderful obligatory shots of birthday messiness.

Here for the album
Here for the slideshow


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wishing Kaden a blessed and Happy Birthday. May his life always be filled with joy and happiness.

The boys and Fad send all their love and regards.



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