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Saturday, April 15

I've been planning this post for a while now, but it's not quite turning out the way I intended. My hope was to tell you that I saw Kaden asleep in his crib in his brand new room for the very first time. I could describe him all splayed out and contorted, pleasantly dreaming of large cupcakes or a dozen golden retrievers that want to do nothing but sit still and be patted.

You see, we just moved. In our old place, the floors were so creaky that rarely could you get a peak at the little guy without waking him. I have particularly vivid memories of rocking him to sleep when he was a couple months old, then trying to tiptoe out the door stepping on strategically placed masking tape where the floor wouldn't creak.

And last night I did actually see him asleep in his crib, but it wasn't exactly as idealic as I thought. You see he had a hacking cough, so bad that he was alarmed and wouldn't sleep alone. Since we just moved we had a mattress lieing around that could easily be plopped down right next to his crib (convenient for me). So last night I woke every hour or so to his hacking and crying and then consoling him back to sleep. I think nature makes toddlers get sick all the time just as a final way to get even the most callous parents to fall for them.

Actually, despite his sickness he has really taken to the new place, and we are settling into life in Cambridge, Ma. We do miss our old place, though. We'd really made some great friends, there were wonderful parks everywhere, and the place did feel very much like ours.

However.. I'm happy to trade the squeeky floors for new bamboo floors, and the chance of lead poisening windows for brand new Benjamin Moore eco-paint. I can already see the teeth marks in the molding.

Here are some photos of the move through Kaden's eyes.


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