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Thursday, March 17

Rocking out with the kid

I must admit one of my fears of fatherhood is the oncoming dearth of being able to listen to music I actually enjoy. Just because I had a kid three weeks ago does not mean I'd like to stop listening to Radiohead, Iron & Wine, or Thievery Corporation.

I know They Might Be Giants made a kids CD which seems to me exactly as immature as any of their other CDs. Thing is I was never really fond of them (that hasn't stopped them from planning a second kids CD).

But today in the Washington Post (via Daddy Types) I read about an awesome local show in Washington DC called Pancake Mountain. All you DC friends and family must check it out, it's apparently on channel 6 or 10 or something. It's a kids show, but features the likes of The Scissor Sisters, Thievery Corporation, and Arcade Fire performing (at the 9:30 club no less!). Checking out the clips on their website it looks incredibly interesting for both parent and child.

It will be some time before Kaden will be enjoying this type of fare, but anything I can find should help. If anyone else has cool music or video suggestions for all ages, toss them in!


Blogger Nabeel said...

Found a couple more... Daddy Types mentions Ralph Covert

Dan Zanes is a rock & roll musician who's out and proud about his folk music interests. He was in the Del Fuegos, which may mean a lot to a lot of people. one of his CDs here.

And particularly interesting is an African lullaby CD


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