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Sunday, April 10

Little smell machine

Kaden's spitting up has reached a whole new level. Interestingly, his spit-up smells remarkably like his poop. I guess when all you got is milk going in and out, it's not a big surprise. It's not a strong smell (I think that comes as soon as we introduce food), but it is the slightly unpleasant odor of rotten milk.

Unfortunately his exploding poops alongside this new spitting up means his wonderful "new baby smell" has been replaced by the faint yet pervasive smell of old milk. This smell has also spread to his clothes, my shirt, the bed, the changing table and virtually everything else. Yes, perhaps we should bathe him or wash the clothes more often, and we will as soon as he learns to do so. In the meantime my neural synapses are quickly ascribing foul odor to "my boy" and therefore replacing the scent with thoughts of goodness.


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