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Saturday, April 9

Anyone figured how to track brain weight?

Kaden gained 10 ounces last week, which is a better than the ridiculous weight gain we were seeing previously. The story lately has shifted from his fast weight gain to his leaps in cognitive ability.

A quick caveat though. Generally first-time parents are teased for making a big deal out of the little things ("he can put his thumb in his mouth! he's likes to look at windows! He blinks twice as often!"). Previous to Kaden I thought this was because deranged parents had become so mipoically obsessed with their children's advancement that every little bit needed to be recorded and heralded.

However I am excited to see wonderful new behaviors because, by and large, the baby is pretty boring at this age. It's all worth it and I love him, but in general I wouldn't suggest to others having a child under six weeks of age if it could be a conviently avoided part of having kids.

So forgive me if in the midst of the 120th diaper change, he starts to cry and I get excited because the cry is different. I can tell he's not really upset. He's learned the behavior that crying elicits, he's actually trying to fake cry, and that's the most interesting thing the baby has done in days! Cool! (Well, it's cool up until the second time he fake cries then you're just annoyed he's figured out another way to make loud noises)

But for that afternoon, anyway, it's a great little leap.

Other great tiny things his brain has figured out in the last week or so:
  • An adorable, purposeful frown to show he's dissatisfied. He juts his bottom lip out incredibly far trying hard to get me to fix whatever I've done. So far it just causes me to laugh. (I'm trying to catch a photo of this because you've got to see it)
  • He's tracking objects across a room, instead of just in front of his face. He loves our ceiling fans, and will watch Megan walk away after handing him off to me.
  • He also gets what a pacifier is. His first few weeks he didn't really know the difference between a nipple and a pacifier. Then he realized that it was a faux nipple and hated it. Now he's beginning to understand that it is a faux nipple, but it can be great fun on it's own. He uses it to soothe himself when he's upset, which is a good early indicator that we are a few weeks away from beginning to try the crib.


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