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Saturday, April 23

  • There is an interesting psychological-biological link between parent a child that shows up immediately. If Kaden is crying, megan's boobs hurt. If Kaden is laying on my stomach, my body temperature rises. I imagine that my body is protectively trying to warm him. Although sometimes I wonder if my body doesn't mistake him for a parasitic attachment and tries to sweat so much he slides off.
  • Managing a volatile start-up company and a volatile newborn certainly does not leave one with a lot of rhythm in life. But somehow karma-wise it seems to work, when I have a off day at work Kaden tends to have a good day. (no, I'm not going to chart it)
  • Kaden got his social security card, so he's officially on the grid and no longer below Uncle Sam's radar. Although this does make a life of computer hacking somewhat more difficult, I suppose it will help him when he's old. I wonder if the odds of social security actually being around when he is old enough are as high as the odds of someone using his SS# in an identify theft?


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