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Saturday, April 30

One last check up on the kid's major developmental task for the first 8 weeks - fattening up. I've never been particularly nervous, after all as an American, I'm certain he can outpace his cousin Adam in Paris. According to some of the nurses we spoke to even birth weights are higher in the U.S. I think along with floride they've started adding calaries to the water over here.

This will be the last weight chart for a while. Mostly because he is actually beginning to do things that are far more interesting than getting pudgy, which, lets face it, isn't all that interesting. Despite all of my far more compelling models, Kaden is adhering to growth matching a competitive analysis of peers (what normal humans call "average growth"). Although he did have a short pause in week 6 (also known as the week of weeping), more on that later.


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