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Saturday, April 2

Doesn't our little 9 pounder already look older than a few weeks ago?

Actually, it seems that pants make people look older than unitards, who knew. This was Kaden's first adventure in pantalones, and I'm thinking with pants he looks old enough to get assigned some chores around the house. Time to start pulling his weight and all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

AHHH he's so cute!!!! okay so what size will he be in a week because i want to send him some clothes. oh wait, i have no money. darn, i wanna be that cool Aunt who always gave him the rocking outfits!

deena beena

Blogger Nabeel said...

No worries. I would wait until he's old enough to remember his outfits if that's your goal.

Blogger Nabeel said...

typically the gift giving of outfits at this age is either helping the parents from having to buy 200 outfits, or if it's anything like us buying for other people - it's a perfectly good excuse to buy something tiny and cute


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