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Wednesday, June 8

a note for firemen

Kaden now regularly* takes a nap at 1pm. I understand there are fires, and that firemen are not content to simply slide down their poles and play with dalmations. Please, unless there are children inside, and unless they are napping and therefore cannot get themselves out, just let it burn until 2:30ish. If you must go squirt some water at it, please do so without resorting to those ridiculous sirens. Brookline isn't that big, you'll get there in time, meanwhile my kid is screaming awake and won't take another nap and therefore will be his own siren for the last two hours of the day.

This goes for you mr. fedex ring-buzzing delivery man - it's a package, just set it down (SLOWLY AND QUIETLY) and walk away. Same to you mr. ice machine, one more noise outa you and I'm pulling the plug.

* regularly = it's happen more than 50% of the time in the last 10 days. i admit this is not the "regular" you might refer to when expecting, say, your airplane to take off (although now that think of it...), but this is regular when your kid being one week older just added 7% to his accumulated lifespan.


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