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Thursday, July 28

u-no-poo - the constipation sensation that's gripping the nation

Everyone without kids is going, "another post about poop?" and all the readers with kids are saying, "yep, I remember that."

Yes, this is an excrement-related post. Actually, this post has no excrement, because there has been no poop from Kaden for EIGHT DAYS. He's swallowed a half gallon of prune juice (he loves the sippy cup now), I'm pressing on his stomach, and I've just taken his temperature about 600 times. No luck. A little longer and I might have to employ my Aunt's suggestion of, no kidding, sticking a pine nut up there.

He recently started eating pureed foods for the first time, which it seemed immediately banded together inside my boy and formed the Hoover dam. In the last eight days we've travelled to Kennebunkport, then to visit the Halloran's in CT, and been on countless walks. All that movement and still no.. uhh, movement. Frankly I don't know how there can be any room left in there.

Kaden has been fairly good natured about this whole crapscapade, but I'm afraid if it goes much longer he's going to poop his own body mass. And that, frankly, is going to totally mess up my weight charts.


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