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Saturday, August 6

All this studying, and the semesters already over?

Kaden hit five months old last week, and this has been a whole new stage for him. He no longer uses the swing that used to be the only way we could get him to nap, there's no more swaddling, and we've taken down the mobile in his crib as it kept him from sleeping.

Along with all these changes, there is also an amazing amount of advice that we've accrued that now simply goes out the window. It occurred to me today that all this knowledge we gained; baby books, the classes, the late night blog reading. It was all really focused on that first whirlwind 3-4 months of life.

I've got color-coded folders with key items circled, things like rooming in, rooting reflex, and leaving the vacuum on for hours to sooth him -- it's all largely useless now. I think we did twelve weeks worth of reading and classes only to find out it covered the first twelve weeks of his life!

It did serve a purpose though, as I felt a lot more prepared and understood what was going on. Still, I'd be hard pressed to go through that kind of knowledge transferal for every three months of his life.


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