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Thursday, March 24

About a pound a week

Kaden turned one month old yesterday, and he has gained - get this - 2lbs in the last two weeks! This is weight gain that would actually cause a full grown college girl some concern. For comparison, a typical baby gains 5-7 ounces a week, and he's been gaining 16 ounces a week for the last two weeks straight. His growth is fast enough it has actually moved him up from the 10th percentile in weight up to the 25th percentile.

I'm actually not sure how abnormal a growth spurt like this is. But I will assume good news, and the only action taken will be Megan keeping an eye on his bullying tendencies around the other newborns now that he's bulking up. I don't think he's actually noticed there are other babies yet, but it could happen when you least suspect it.

(click to zoom)

And yes, I do think that parents who overly evaluate their children's every achievement (including involuntary one's like newborn weight gain) are silly and should be beat about the head with a measuring stick. But
a) I'm having fun, and
b) charting and modeling is my brains' way of making sense of any new startup, even if not used for grading.

So the charting will indeed continue, but much like horoscopes, for entertainment purposes only.


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