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Saturday, March 26

If there was any question about how myopically kid-focused your life becomes in the "fourth trimester" (ie first three months) - it leads to almost conversations like below. Thankfully Megan picked up the phone because when she recounted it to me I reacted something like this.

Unfamiliar caller: "Hello. You have a turkey."

Nabeel: "I have a what!"

Unfamiliar caller: "You have a turkey."

Nabeel: "I resent that derogatory comment, our child is doing a great job. Did you see how much he grew last week?"

Unfamiliar caller: "What?"

Nabeel: "What?"

Unfamiliar caller: "This is from Poultry Farms, you have a turkey."


Nabeel: "Oh. Um, it would seem you have the wrong number."

Poultry Farms delivers? Who knew.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahahahahhahhahahahahhaa! that can't be true, that's simply great.


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