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Monday, March 28

In search of sleep

(new favorite anti-fussy device, the bouncy seat David R. gave us, thx!)

Every Friday I give Megan a break and she gets to sleep in our bed, while Kaden and I sleep in his room. Usually I still get enough sleep to function, and it's an important break for Megan. Friday before last was a breeze, he slept next to me in his car seat, bottle-fed easily, and we had a great evening. Megan was refreshed in the morning and it made for great start to the weekend.

This last Friday, however, was a nightmare.

Kaden would have none of his chivalrous father getting away with a little sleep on the job. I still don't understand how this kid, who according to most books is supposed to be sleeping sixteen hours a day, can stay awake for so many hours straight. I think he slept a total of an hour the entire evening, and they were in such small bursts I had no chance to actually fall asleep with him.

By Saturday afternoon I was a bleary-eyed mess determined to solve this once and for all. I've been pushed far enough. I read the passages on sleep in every book we have, read online articles, and finally watched the Happiest Baby on the Block DVD that we've had sitting on our table for a couple months.

And you know what? It worked. Everyone that tells you to just be a "natural parent" and respond to your child is full of it. Despite the incredibly cheesy nature of the Happiest Baby DVD (and the social pressure implied in the title) it was actually helpful. Mostly it just reinforced our thoughts on "re-creating the womb," which made us much more confident and persistent in the things we thought might be right.

He slept for two hours straight last night without a peep. That's his longest stretch since he's been born. And he had three other great one hour stretches. Enough said. I feel like a million dollars today.


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