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Wednesday, March 30

A model baby

Last night he seemed to hit a point where he now has enough weight to sleep a little longer than the on-the-dot two hours mark he was pacing at previously. Seriously, he was so accurate you could bake a rhubarb pie to it.

Anyway, Megan should be weighing him today at her newborn group to find what weight class he just entered that allowed for this newfound sleep ability. But, even without that data I should be able to properly model his growth at this point, right?

Using the forecasting that would be typical for any other start-up, you can figure that based on his weight trends he could be. But what trend do you model against? All of the below could be plausible based on his last few weigh-ins:

- 9 lbs 12oz (avg. of 1 lbs per weeks) aka organic growth
- 9 lbs 8oz (avg if staying 25% percentile in growth) aka competitive analysis
- 10 lbs (avg. body mass increase of 11.1% per week) aka "hockey puck"

Click below for how these extrapolations would play out over a year.

Using this same logic.. I will now infer from the behavior of the last few days that a brilliant night of sleep (See: In search of sleep) leads to a stuffy nose, which in turn leads to two miserable evenings of virtually no sleep as Kaden tries to scream the boogers out of his nose. I will staunchly and stubbornly maintain this belief until Kaden is able to manage two nights of sleep in a row.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

2 pounds in one week! It sounds like Kaden is intent on catching up to his peers. It is truly amazing how quickly they grow. Before you know it, Kaden will be asking you for an X-Box and then a lap top (Karim's latest request). Oh how I miss those days when a diaper change was the most demanding request.

By the way, I love the updates on Kaden. We can't wait to see our favoriate blogger.


Anonymous Grandpa Hyatt said...

Getting more than two hours of sleep at one time is certainly the kind of progress you guys have been waiting patiently for. Congrats to you and to Kaden who obviously is responding positively to the attentive care of his mom and dad.

Luv the Kaden blog. For enjoyment, it's off the charts :)

Blogger Nabeel said...

A couple extra hours of sleep 2 nights ago night, followed by our night nanny coming last night, actaully feels like I'm out of a fog for the first time in six weeks. But of course, I know as soon as I say that Kaden is bound to have a kickin' time tonight.

And I'm still nowhere near experiencing the wonder of a two year old with a fever... so there's certainly a long way to go.


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